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About Raceclubs.com

Are you a fan of horse racing? If yes, then here is the real deal. Raceclubs brings you a quality virtual gaming experience that is like no other, everything right from the horse racing activity to rewards comes in handy. Evidently, this site knows how to keep its players happy, and as a matter of fact, it has earned a high accolade when it comes to gaming services. Such a good reputation comes from the fact that everything inherent in the site is geared towards ensuring that the player has a good time. Being a member is pretty simple, all one needs to do is click that handy “join” tab and then head over to fill out a simple onsite form. After that, one needs to confirm their email addresses and then add a payment method. After one is through with the registration process, their accounts shall be loaded with a hefty welcome package that enables them to not only test drive the games but also indulge in just any draw, jackpot, and promotion.

New player offer

This site is widely known for its vast welcome package. Such a huge welcome offer enables the player play just any game at the site without having to use the money in their playing accounts. Typically, all a new player has to do is to sit back and let Raceclubs lavish them with a welcome offer that is sizeable. Besides the fact that every new player is eligible for the 500 Runs Bonus Award, they have a chance to test drive all the horse racing activities at the site, and if they get their hands on one, they can then play it with real money.

Company Information

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Games available

This site is a home to some of the most prominent horse racing tournaments. Owing to its design, the games therein would make you feel like you are gaming in the fanciest land casino. Such a sleek design of the site enables a secure surfing, depositing money into the playing account and playing games. Just after sign up, you need to buy a virtual horse, and after that, you need to train it so that you can compete favorably with the rest. Alternatively, you can sit back and enjoy the company of Raceclubs by betting on other people’s horses. The activity of purchasing and racing with horses itself will guarantee you real fun. And if you doubt it, you should indulge in the games yourself. Some of the levels that you will attain as you participate in games at the site include:

  • Leaderboards – Stables
  • Leaderboards – Horses
  • Hall of Fame – Top Stables
  • Hall of Fame – Top Horses
  • Championship Winners

Withdrawal and wagering

This site has provided its players with a crème de la crème of payment options. Such a wide array of deposit and withdrawal methods enables the players to make transactions at the site faster and conveniently. When this is coupled up with the mobile play feature, what the player gets is something that is worth the value of their money. To deposit money, you need to click “purchase credits” in your playing account then head over to make payment for your preferred amount of credits. The money is accredited to your playing account instantly. You can purchase credits using any of the following methods:

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • Moneybookers
  • Neteller
  • Direct Wire Transfer


If you have won big or have received a commission, you might want to click that handy “withdraw” tab so that your payout can be sent to you. This site processes payout requests and makes payment via:

  • Moneybookers
  • Neteller
  • Direct Wire Transfer

You might think that the payout methods are limited. However, you are assured that the payment process would be safe, fast and secure.

Help and support

In a bid to ensure that players have a thrilling gaming experience, raceclubs has provided its players with a top-notch support team. Depicted by how they solve any issues arising, the support team is made up of individuals that have a vast knowledge and expertise in what every player needs. After contacting them, a response comes in a matter of minutes, which is great! Some of the ways through which you can reach out to the support team include:

  • The USA, New York (347) 901-5027
  • UK, London (203) 239 4238
  • AUSTRALIA, Melbourne (03) 9018 663

Please note that the numbers are not toll-free.
Alternatively, you can reach out to the support by sending an email via an onsite contact form.


After sign up, the player gets to test drive games without having to make a dent in their deposited amount. However, please note that the appreciation for joining this site does not end just after sign up, you have other offers and promotions to look up to throughout you stay therein.
First, climb up the loyalty ladder and get $500 accruing from loyalty points.
You can also walk away with a big payout if you have friends who would love to indulge in online horse racing. All you need to do is invite them and get them playing, and you would be awarded a commission of up to $50.
The 50 Wins Bonus Award of up to $50

Social media

Connecting with just any online gaming site on social media avails much; this is because the player gets to keep abreast with temporary offers and promotions up for grabs. One of the excellent methods of staying connected is via social media. All one needs to do to stay connected to this site is like the Raceclub Facebook page and follow (@Raceclubs) on Twitter.

Mobile and tablet

Get the Raceclubs mobile app and get to indulge in horse racing wherever and whenever. With the app, you can not only play games but also deposit, withdraw and even refer a friend.

Pros & Cons


  • Sleek website
  • Good loyalty reward program
  • Secure payment methods

  • Limited offers and promotions

Why game at Raceclubs?

With a high accolade, it is evident that this site equips its players with everything they need to win. This is a must have account and the good thing is that all you need to do to become a member is just filling out a simple onsite form.

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